Penelope and the lusty wenches of Althorpe Hall


26th September 2011

Penelope had enjoyed a steamy and ever so sexy session with the young woman of the household and approached her own bed chamber looking forward to a good night’s rest, her sexual desire sated and her body ready for sleep. As she approached the door she heard the sound of voices and the loud crack of a whip in the air. With some trepidation she turned the door handle and stepped into the dimly lit room.

Inside her husband, in a state of inebriation was parading around the room dressed only in his under garments, riding an imaginary horse and cracking the whip. On the bed were two servant girls of the household, also semi naked, giggling at the old fool and egging him on to greater excesses of infantile behaviour. Penelope sighed and made to turn away, hoping that she had gone unnoticed and could slip out without having to endure the embarrassment that was her husband.

“And where might you be off to my lady?” barked Geofrey, looking ridiculous with his dress socks held aloft with garters and his face a rosy red from the gallon of French wine consumed with Althorpe earlier. He reeled about as if dancing a jig, his portly frame unseemly and comical, his gait absurd and mannerisms ridiculous as he sought to entertain the two wenches in his bed.

“My lady you are to shtay and whatsh more you, my girl are to partishipate in thish orgy of shexual exchesh...” as he spoke he slurred his words and he drooled, saliva adding a sheen to his large, fat lips and giving him the appearance of a large toad. Penelope looked at the two young girls and thought to herself that actually they were rather fine looking, in a common sort of way, and had her husband not been present she would have willingly engaged in illicit acts with the two of them. But with him there it was likely to be anything but an orgy of sexual excess. For one the man had no stamina in bed. For two he was so unattractive it was unlikely that any of the three girls would be able to truly enjoy themselves...

Penelope stepped over to her husband and grabbed his manhood with her right hand whilst passing him another large drink with her left. Geofrey slurped the chalice of wine greedily and stumbled as he leant backwards to drain the last drops. Quickly refilling the cup Penelope slipped her hand into his underwear and as expected there was nothing there for her. She encouraged him to drink the second cup of wine and then she waited. It didn’t take long for him to collapse in his drunken stupor.

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